Why should I have a publisher?

In today's music market, the competition is stronger than ever. Nashville alone has an estimated 10,000 songwriters, all wanting their music to be heard and released! It is not unusual for a successful country artist to be presented with over 500 songs to choose from when planning an album. Having a publisher handling your songs will get your music heard by the right people that are making song selection decisions for, and with, the artist. A publisher working your songs on a day-to-day basis will free up your time and allow you to focus on your most important role, writing more music! Often, when a writer's song is turned down by an artist, it can feel like a devastating blow to a writer's self esteem. This hurts your creativity and impedes the flow of lyric and songwriting ideas. A publisher can filter the feedback and give you constructive ideas on improving your music.


What are some services that you provide?

It is important to showcase your music in the best light possible. When needed, a professional Demo can be produced for your song at no up front cost to you. Demo sessions are coordinated on your behalf and their costs are recouped from future royalty payments.

Publicity for you and your music. Creating publicity about your work often helps name recognition to help get your songs heard.

Coordinating co-writing sessions. Playing matchmaker between writers gets you introduced to other writers that could give you a fresh perspective and new songwriting ideas.

Administration and Licensing. Included as part of our standard publishing services.



Do you charge fees for the promotional services?

We do not charge fees for our promotional services. Our publishing agreement is a partnership, and we benefit when you do, when your song is cut.


Why should I want Studio Gold Music as my publisher?

As a relatively new company, and given our "boutique size, we can offer more personalized service for you. Not only do we know your songs intimately, but we are accessible to you for ideas and information exchange. Would you rather be represented by a company with a 10,000 song catalog, or one with a 200 song catalog? Which one do you think will return your emails and phone calls?


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